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How to Choose the Best Corporate Video Services

By Gillian Schuler on March 1, 2024

A Corporate Video is being filmed in NJ

Corporate video services are pivotal in shaping strategies that solidify your company’s presence. As you step into the arena of corporate video production services (particularly here in NJ), it’s important to debunk the common misconceptions that might deter you—cost intimidation, presumed complexity, or underestimated value. Integrating video content, done proficiently by a seasoned corporate video agency, stands as a preferred medium, delivering messages that stick with audiences and drive your marketing initiatives forward. Read on to learn more about how to choose the best services for your company’s video needs and the steps leading up to your choice.

Understanding Your Video Project’s Needs

Before contracting corporate video services, you need a clear strategy. This visual medium serves as a potent communication tool for marketing products and conveying invaluable insights about your company. Some steps are listed below.

NJ Editors working on Corporate Videos

Identifying the Purpose and Scope

Depart by delineating the scope and ambition of your video. Whether it’s boosting sales, enhancing your brand’s image, or showcasing industry authority, your video’s objectives must be explicitly identified. This clarity acts as a compass, guiding your entire project.

Construct a narrative that underscores your company’s values and vision. Then, devise a distribution plan early on. Collaboration with your marketing team is crucial to ensure that once you’ve chosen your corporate video services, the videos reach the desired eyes and ears effectively—be it through social media, email campaigns, or influencer partnerships.

Budgeting Wisely

Prioritize your budget by candidly speaking with your team and the chosen corporate video agency. Video services need clear financial guidelines to yield a product that aligns with your financial strategy without compromising quality.

Selecting the Right Style and Format

Choose a style that aligns with your message; from brand videos that tell your company’s story, to corporate training videos, each carries a different resonance. Stay attuned to emerging trends, such as interactive videos and VR experiences, which can provide an engaging edge to your video content.

Maximizing Reach and Engagement

A creative works on a corporate film treatment

To maximize the reach of your corporate videos, use multiple distribution channels such as social media, internal portals, and streaming channels (where applicable). Corporate video services can be all-encompassing and repurposed for multiple formats.

Turn a long interview into bite-size pieces for social media networks, video hosting platforms,and paid advertising and of course your website. As always, edit it to align with your target demographic and ensure it resonates with your message and their need.

Incorporate these considerations within the fabric of your planning to orchestrate a corporate video that transcends mere communication—it becomes a strategic tool in your marketing toolbox, delivering measurable results and strengthening your brand’s narrative.

Evaluating Potential Corporate Video Service Providers

In your pursuit to engage corporate video services that align seamlessly with your company’s vision and objectives, the prudence of a well-informed decision must be balanced. Take a moment to review this sample corporate video Awakened Films created for a Morristown New Jersey based client:


Each corporate video project should be uniquely crafted for that client’s goals and target audience. When evaluating potential video service providers, below is a structured approach to ensure you entrust your corporate narrative to the right hands.

Relevant Experience and Understanding

You want to ensure that the corporate video services you ultimately choose have relevant experience as to the types of videos you want to make and that they also understand your corporate video goals, not pushing their ideas and leaving you out of the creative process.

Comprehensive Selection Criteria

To streamline your evaluation process, consider the following when choosing corporate video services:

  • Defined goals and requirements: Crystalize your video’s purpose, audience, tone, style, and deliverables before engaging in discussions.
  • Portfolio review: Scrutinize their previous work to gauge the company’s creative flair and technical competency. A strong portfolio is indicative of quality and versatility.
  • Client testimonials: Garner insight from past clients regarding professionalism, adherence to deadlines, and fulfillment of expectations.
  • Team expertise: Delve into the qualifications and past work of key team members—directors to animators—to ensure their capability suits your project’s demands.
  • Budget discussions: A clear budgetary outline is indispensable to match your financial considerations with the company’s offerings.
  • Responsiveness and collaboration: Judge their communication efficiency and willingness to adapt to your ideas and feedback.
  • Production timeline: Inquire about their workflow and time estimates to ensure they align with your scheduling needs.

A business executive is filmed in our NJ corporate studio.As with any proposal, ask about their budget breakdown, and ask clarifying questions about their experience and aptitude. It’s important for everyone to be on the same page from the start.

And remember, to extend your brand narrative’s reach with video, be sure to select the correct video hosting platforms, broadening your video’s reach across diverse distribution channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, newsletters and your website.

New Jersey Corporate Video Services

Corporate video content, done right, transcends mere visual appeal—it connects, communicates, and converts. Heeding these industry insider benchmarks while evaluating corporate video services will enhance your brand’s competitive stance, ready to captivate an ever-evolving business landscape.

To hear more about how you can explore video marketing with exceptional corporate video services and effectively boost your ROI, contact Awakened Films today to speak with a professional.


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