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Crystal Clear Corporate Communication

Corporate Video for Louis Berger

We crafted a series of direct-to-camera CEO-lead corporate videos, explaining the next steps for the company The result was an informed and motivate employee-base.

The Challenge

Louis Berger, a leader in engineering, construction and operations, was about to face acquisition from a leading competitor, WSP. With six thousand employees, Louis Berger would need to accomplish two goals to ensure the success of the merger:

  1. Clearly communicate the acquisition plan
  2. Build employee motivation and trust

The Solution

Louis Berger trusted Awakened Films with the sensitive information of the WSP acquisition and asked us to produce a series of personal videos addressed to the employees from CEO Jim Stamatis. This video series resonated with employees and achieved its goals because:

  1. Video is the most effective platform for communicating clearly and concisely.
  2. By addressing the camera, it felt as if Stamatis was reassuring each employee personally

We produced an official merger announcement video that was sent to every Louis Berger employee around the world. Combining pleasant visuals and a comfortable mood, the video was effective in confirming the acquisition while also setting an encouraging tone.

Awakened Films is a pleasure to work with and, even more importantly, they are always thoughtful and professional in their preparation and execution.

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Regine de la Cruz
Director of Corporate Communications

Following the announcement video, Awakened Films enabled a WSP executive to engage employees directly in real time through a live broadcast program to explain the process and take questions.

Once the merger was complete, one final video starred the CEOs of Louis Berger and WSP, each of them encouraging their employees to take advantage of the combined resources of the newly combined company.


With a renewed spirit of collaboration, Louis Berger employees felt equipped for the changes ahead – a testament to the unifying power of video. The videos communicated clearly and inspired hope for a bigger future, greatly reducing employee angst.

Regine de la Cruz, then the Director of Corporate Communications at Louis Berger, had this to say about Awakened Films:

“We entrust Awakened Films with capturing our highest profile events and delivering videos for internal and external audiences. Jason and his team are a pleasure to work with and, even more importantly, they are always thoughtful and professional in their preparation and execution.”

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