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Videos for Nonprofit & Education

Compelling videos help communities, donors, parents and prospective students understand the value of your organization, how they can partner in changing the world and why this matters.

Our Work

Arts Access Education Video

Matheny School

Artist Access

Arts Access is a vessel for special needs artists to create their own masterpieces.

Montclair thumbnail

Montclair Crew

Crew is a state of mind!

Montclair Crew is achieving amazing results with student athletes, on and off the water.

Homeless Solutions thumbnail

Homeless Solutions, Inc.

Megan’s Story

This emotional documentary exposes the realities of the opioid crisis and the incredible life change of a nonprofit fighting back.

Mustard seed thumbnail 2

Mustard Seen School

Annual Fundraising Campaign

A fun and colorful animation that captures the attention of donors to this incredible school.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

Love Letter to the Jersey Shore

Discover parts of the Jersey Shore you didn’t know existed in this cute look at an iconic state.

Angelica Hale: Heart Your Kidneys PSA

National Kidney Foundation

Angelica Hale: Heart Your Kidneys PSA

America’s Got Talent Superstar Angelica Hale talks to kids about their kidney health. This nationally broadcasted PSA garnered over 12 million views .

Raise awareness, spread the word, encourage donations and inspire action with nonprofit and education video.

Tell the world about the great work you’re doing. Combining heartwarming interviews and cinematic visuals, our nonprofit video production will communicate the impact of your organization. Awakened Films is a NJ video marketing agency with an empathic team that values what you are doing to make the world a better place.

Nonprofit & Education videos can help:

  1. Inspire donors with the powerful stories your organization has to share.
  2. Call the world to action with examples of the incredible work that you do.
  3. Celebrate your accomplishments with an annual gala or educational event that exemplifies the changes you are making.
  4. Explain complex organizational information clearly and succinctly.

Awakened Films is a video marketing agency that provides stunning visual marketing for non-profit and educational brands. We specialize in creating ​engaging videos that not only connect your viewers with topics that matter but also increase emotional investment.

We partner with many types of non-profits, schools and universities including charitable organizations, humanitarian efforts, K-12 private and public schools, universities, fundraisers, and brands that promote philanthropy. Our company is featured on DesignRush’s Educational Video Production page.

Whether it’s for fundraising or educational awareness, our nonprofit videos have garnered millions of views and raised millions of dollars for the things we care about!

Non-profit video

Homeless Solutions

Nonprofit Video

Our documentary overview video told the story of homelessness in New Jersey, compelling donors to give generously to the nonprofit.

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We've Produced Video For:

  • American Heart Association
  • The Foundation for Art & Healing
  • HealthCorps
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • PACE University
  • XPRIZE Foundation
  • The YMCA

Jason listened intently to our vision, thoroughly learned about our mission, then gently guided us through an enjoyable process of nailing our story. The result was amazing, resulting in increased engagement both in volunteers and fundraising. Jason and his entire team are professional, skilled, caring and fun!

Andi Williams, Executive Director
Community in Crisis

Our video PSA campaign got 12M views and was shared over 60,000 times on social media. Everybody loved them!

National Kidney Foundation Julie M. Kimbrough, Senior Director Communications & Marketing
The National Kidney Foundation

I was impressed with the time they took to not only understand our goals for the project, but also understand our organization and its mission. We raised a record high in donations after sharing our video at this year's gala.

Homeless Solutions Wendi Zimmerman
Homeless Solutions Inc

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