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Using Video to Attract Model Students

Gill St. Bernard’s Promotional Education Video

Our curriculum overview video helped to boost enrollment by showcasing the best of Gill St. Bernard’s School.

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The Challenge

Gill St. Bernard’s prides itself on the resources it makes available for its students, from an award-winning theater curriculum and working farm to a top-performing sports program. But outside of the annual open house, how would potential students and their parents fully appreciate the opportunities that they would find at the school?

The Solution

A curriculum overview video, showcasing the STREAMS program and the incredible value it gives students. In order to best represent the school to parents, we studied the details of the STREAMS (Sustainability, Technology, Research, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics, and Service) program.

We listened to Gill St. Bernard’s goals and decided that a winning video would need to accomplish three things:

  1. Present the endorsements of three credible officials: a teacher trained in STREAMS, the middle-school director involved in the program, and the head of school as a voice of authority.
  2. Beautiful visuals of the school grounds and students appreciating use of the facilities. We used 4K slow-motion cameras and a drone for an aerial view.
  3. Incorporate “reality moments” including a sneak peek into an actual lesson on the STREAMS grounds where we see students engaged in learning.

Gill St. Bernads case study
Gill St. Bernads case study

Once we completed the interviews, the school realized that one our interviewees had misspoken when reciting the STREAMS acronym. We solved this by re-recording the sound bite and replacing that part of the video with a cinematic visual. This allowed us to stick to our editing timelines and deliver on schedule.


The overview video was a successful promotion of the STREAMS program, convincing curious parents that Gill St. Bernard’s was the school for their children.

Outside of STREAMS, Gill St. Bernard’s has a longstanding relationship with Awakened Films. We’ve created memorable graduation montages, filmed their Hi Hills Summer Camp, and even promoted the school in documentary form. The school understands the value of well-produced video in a world of increasing noise, and has returned to Awakened Films time and again for videos that resonate.

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