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Supporting Kidney Research with Live Video

National Kidney Foundation Conference Recap Videos

The National Kidney Foundation’s mission is an ambitious one: raise awareness and help curb the kidney disease epidemic. Bi-Annually, the National Kidney Foundation is responsible for gathering world experts on kidney research and hosting them for conferences that are shaping a new approach to kidney health. Awakened Films partnered with the NKF to expand their reach as an organization.

The Challenge

The National Kidney Foundation’s conferences include dozens of experts collaborating over multiple days to discuss and further kidney treatment. There is no doubt that such events enable powerful discussion and discovery, but how would the NKF keep the momentum going once everyone had left the conference hall?

The Solution

A series of recap videos to keep the conversation going long after the event is over: one main conference overview would outline the purpose and action items, while four easily digestible “snippets” for social media would detail the results of specific discussions. Each of the videos would be wrapped up within the inspiring production value that Awakened Films is known for.

Our approach to capturing the event was thorough. We set up multiple cameras and microphones to record long form speeches and panel discussions.  We created an interview station to ask key speakers and influential attendees their thoughts and conclusions regarding the day’s content.  And perhaps the most important and often overlooked component of any event specific video production; a roaming camera to capture cinematic visuals throughout the day’s events.

In addition to the general scope of work we had been contracted to create, new opportunities to create a return on investment for our client emerged while on location: an internal message from the NKF CEO to hundreds of employees and volunteers spread around the nation, and a short call-to-action cut for social media. It was a wonderful test of resiliency for team Awakened Films and the payoff for the client was well worth the effort.

With hundreds and hundreds of gigabytes of content in the can, we set off to home base to begin the process of crafting a synopsis edit that beautifully illustrated the results of the conference. This conference overview video proved to be very useful in reminding attendees of the purpose of their involvement, as well as getting those who couldn’t attend quickly up to speed.


The social media snippets made a deeper dive into category-specific content, exploring the detailed discussions and findings.


At Awakened Films, we understand that planning a conference takes a large investment of manpower and finances.  That’s why we’re pleased to collaborate as conference videographers and storytellers, to make sure that our client’s efforts reach the largest possible audience with the maximum impact. The National Kidney Foundation managed to multiply their results well beyond a two day on-site conference, to reach anyone and everyone globally that had access to our videos.

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