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The Art and Science of Stellar Storytelling

Elevate Your Brand with Engaging Social Media Videos: A Guide for CMOs and Brand Managers

By Brad Forman on December 16, 2023

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Today, we explore a topic that’s burned into everyone’s smartphone – social media. Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram during your coffee break or tweeting (are we supposed to now say X-ing??) about the latest industry trends, you can’t escape it. But how do you leverage marketing on social media to elevate your brand? Let’s dive in!

Why Is Social Media More Than Just Hashtags and Filters?

When you think of social media for marketing, what comes to mind? A few catchy hashtags, perhaps? Or a series of well-curated images? While these elements are crucial, the universe of social media marketing is vast and ever-evolving. It’s not just about posting content; it’s about creating a narrative, a story that resonates with your audience. And now more than ever before, video is a crucial element in making deep inroads with a brand’s target media icons

Why Every Brand Needs a Social Media Marketing Agency

Brand managers and marketing directors are busy! Between meetings, brainstorming sessions, and managing teams, who has the time to stay updated with every new social media trend? Enter: the social media experts. Collaborating with a social media marketing agency can be a game-changer. They live and breathe all forms of marketing on social media, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of innovation.

It’s not just the big players diving into the world of social media marketing. Companies, both big and small, are recognizing the power of producing social media content. But let’s cut to the chase: You need social media videos that not only catch the eye but also capture the heart and mind of your target demographic.

Why Video Content Is King

Stats don’t lie: Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. And with over 8 billion videos being watched on Facebook every day, can you afford not to play in this space? Instagram is the 8th most visited website in the world and the 4th most-used social platform, with over 2 billion active users. And did you know that instagram users spend 30% of their time watching video reels!

Businesses and Brands need a social media video production company that understands the nuances of social—where a minute feels like an eternity and a second can make a statement. It’s not just about fancy equipment and editing chops; it’s about storytelling that resonates with your audience.

What Makes a Social Media Video Content Stand Out?

Office workers check their social media accounts while in a meeting
It’s simple: authenticity, creativity, and relatability. Your brand’s story should be like a thumbprint—unique and unmistakable. But how do you achieve that? By partnering with creatives who get it, who stay up to date with trends and understand your brand’s voice and vision.

In today’s digital age, the line between media & marketing has blurred. Whether you’re exploring media-marketing for the first time or looking to enhance your strategies, remember: it’s all about the narrative. And while the platforms may change, the essence of storytelling remains.

Merging Social Media & Marketing

In the end, it’s about conversions, right? Engaging videos lead to increased brand awareness, and that leads to conversions. It’s a chain reaction that starts with a play button. So, let’s start a conversation about bringing your brand’s story to life. Your audience is waiting for that next thumb-stopping moment, and together, we can create it. Shoot us a message, and let’s make some digital waves together.

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