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The Art and Science of Stellar Storytelling

Storytelling through the Lens: Choosing the Right Videographer for Your Brand’s Story

By Jason Schuler on March 1, 2023

A Videorgapher helps direct talent in this Covid-era video production.

Picture this: You’ve got this outstanding idea for a video, a story waiting to be told, and an audience eager to listen. But who’s going to bring this vision to life? Enter the realm of the videographer. And how does one go about finding ‘the one’? Dive in with me, and let’s explore!

The Art of Videography: It’s More Than Just Pressing Record

The videographer is not just someone behind the camera; they’re storytellers, visionaries, and artists in their own right. They see the world through a unique lens (pun intended!) and know how to capture moments in a way that resonates. Check out this event video our team of videographers and editors created for the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen:

Close & Convenient: The ‘Videographer Near Me’ Phenomenon

It’s the digital age, and search engines have made our lives simpler. Just type in ‘videographer near me’, and voila! A list of videographers near you pops up. But remember, proximity is just the first step. It’s the quality and connection that truly counts. A few questions to ask:

  • Experience Level: Is there a rich and varied history of work product serving clients in various industries, or is this videographer straight out of college?
  • Focus: Is there an intentional focus on storytelling and marketing, or does this videographer only shoot weddings & bar mitzvahs?
  • Gear: Are there opportunities to utilize the latest and greatest of videographer gear, or does this videographer only own a cheap DSLR?
  • Personality: Is this the kind of person you feel comfortable working long-term on your project with, or could this videographer cause problems down the line?

The Videographer's gear is very important their craft

Setting the Budget: Understanding Videographer Prices

Every project has a budget, and understanding how a videographer prices is crucial. Whether you’re looking for a commercial videographer or a corporate videographer, the price spectrum can vary. The key is to find someone who offers true value – top-notch quality at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

The Search for Perfection: Hiring the Best Videographers

Clearly, ‘best’ is a subjective adjective. Best quality? Best price? Best storytelling? What’s essential is to find the best videographers for YOUR brand. Someone who understands your narrative, your audience, and your vision.

The Special Ones: Videographers with a Niche

A Touch of Professionalism: Videographer Services

Once you hire a videographer, it’s not just about shooting the video. Comprehensive videographer services should include pre-production planning, post-production edits, and sometimes even distribution strategies. Don’t let 
A New Jersey video production crew jumps with joy

The Garden State’s Finest: Videography in New Jersey

There’s something in the air in New Jersey. Maybe it’s the proximity to the Big Apple or just the vibrant culture. Whatever it is, if you’re looking for a New Jersey videographer, you’re in luck. At Awakened Films, we retain videographers who specialize in corporate films, nonprofit fundraising, event videos, testimonials and even commercial content.

Wondering who the top videographer in New Jersey is? Well, that’s a debate for another day. But if you’re in the market, why don’t you reach out and tell us a little more about your project and goals?

Wrapping It Up: Your Brand’s Video Voyage

In the grand tapestry of marketing, video threads are golden. Whether you’re in New Jersey or anywhere else, finding the right videographer can be the difference between a video that’s ‘meh’ and one that’s ‘WOW!’.

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