SpringHills Home Care

Spring Hills Home Care Services is licensed by the state of Florida to refer carefully selected caregivers to you and your family. We have taken the same personal, unique, and individualized approach of our Senior Communities: “Caring with a Commitment to Quality” right to your home.

Awakened Films created this piece to help communicate some of the “intangibles” of this unique organization in a concise yet elegant way. Currently broadcasting in Florida.

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Awakened Films is a New Jersey based production company specializing in documentary storytelling for corporations and non-profits.

About the Executive Producer:
Jason Schuler, an intuitive creative visual storyteller, is driven by the compelling journeys of others. With an extensive background and client base in the Non-profit and Corporate sectors, Jason is frequently called upon to tell meaningful stories through documentary style productions. His clients include Dr. Oz and his national school based charity HealthCorps, the YMCA, the American Heart Association, Lippincott, Dun & Bradstreet and others. Jason utilizes movie caliber visuals to take the sometimes- overlooked events of life and create deeply impacting stories.

created by Jason Schuler –
Awakened Films – Creative Visual Storytelling™