Serena Bocchino Fever

Serena Bocchino is an artist whose themes include the visual interpretations of American jazz and the energies of the urban landscape. She is inspired by jazz and the spiritual aspects of music. Barry Schwabsky of the New York Times, in a full-page review of her work, stated:

“Part of the pungency of her paintings is the way they insinuate half-forgotten sights and sounds into a vividly immediate contest… The feeling that within these paintings everything is in transition, that none of their elements have become too strictly defined, may be exactly what keeps them fresh.”

Awakened Films was engaged to develop this short video to showcase Serena Bocchino’s one of a kind art style in her latest collection.

Total running time: 01:28

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Awakened Films is a New Jersey based production company specializing in documentary storytelling for corporations and non-profits.

About the Executive Producer:
Jason Schuler, an intuitive creative visual storyteller, is driven by the compelling journeys of others. With an extensive background and client base in the Non-profit and Corporate sectors, Jason is frequently called upon to tell meaningful stories through documentary style productions. His clients include Dr. Oz and his national school based charity HealthCorps, the YMCA, the American Heart Association, Lippincott, Dun & Bradstreet and others. Jason utilizes movie caliber visuals to take the sometimes- overlooked events of life and create deeply impacting stories.

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