Exploration Prize by Shell

Shell and X PRIZE announced their new partnership, with Shell as Sponsor of the X PRIZE Exploration Prize Group during an engaging roundtable event at the historic Explorers Club in New York City, USA. Some of the world’s contemporary explorers shared their remarkable achievements, as well as future scenarios for exploration of space, our Earth and its oceans that could lead to breakthrough innovations.

These marquis explorers included:

Richard Garriott, a legendary video game developer, entrepreneur and one of the first private citizen astronauts to board the International Space Station, which established him as America’s first second-generation astronaut.

Dr. David Gallo, renowned undersea explorer and the first oceanographer to use a combination of manned submarines and robots to map the undersea world, was the co-leader of the recent Titanic exploration and project leader for the successful search for mission Air France Flight 447.

Mark Synnott, global adventurer, mountain climber, filmmaker and photojournalist, who has climbed some of the biggest ice and rock walls on the planet, ventured into among the least-visited locales on earth and photographed the globe’s most spectacular sites.

International Space Station, NASA Astronaut Mike Fossum and human-powered circumnavigator Erden Eruç participated in this engaging event with pre-recorded messages from the remote locations in which their exploration adventures are taking place.

Additional special guests included Team Landroids of New Jersey, a group of five 8th-grade neighborhood friends who participate in various science competitions and robotics challenges. Team Landroids, the grand winners of the 2010 MoonBots 2.0: A Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Challenge, were on hand during this announcement demonstrating their winning robot.

Awakened Films was onsite, capturing key moments and helping share the story to an international audience through a live web-cast and by producing this documentary short.