Dr Oz’s HealthCorps – A Case Study


The Mission:

Create a video that would not only educate viewers as to the dire state of the health of America’s young people but also demonstrate how Dr Oz’s non-for-profit HealthCorps possesses a unique solution that is changing the future shape of America’s youth.


The Challenge:

HealthCorps needed to communicate its message to multiple audiences:

Annual Fundraising Gala Attendees

Corporate sponsors

Future staff members

Individual Donors

Law makers

Principles of Schools

As a Non-profit client, an economical budget was key.  As a company who has placed supporting the works of non-profit as part of our core values, we figured it was going to work out well.


The Awakening:

We realized that with just the right mix of carefully selected interviewees and sound bytes, montages and music and a healthy balance between the severity of the medical statistics and the lightness, energy and change HealthCorps’ program was bringing, one video could do all this and send out a strong call to action to boot!


The Result:

HealthCorps showcased the video at their Annual Fundaraising Gala at The Intrepid Museum. With honorees such as Hugh Jackman and Russell Simmons, attendees representing industries from Pharma to Finances, Oil to organic produce the video played a key role in raising over $2.4 Million.


The video was reproduced on DVD to send out to Fortune 500 CEOs, Law Makers, Media Big Wigs, Potential HealthCorps School Principals and past supporters.

The video was also posted on HealthCorps’ website.


Oh and did we mention; KASHI asked us to produce a HealthCorps featurette using elements of our videos for use on their website? Screen grabs from our videos even made it onto the back of their cereal boxes as part of their KASHI REAL project!

You can see it here:


Not a bad impact, eh?


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